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Updating the firmware of a QNAP Network Attached Storage Device

You have a QNAP NAS and want to update the firmware.


There are two ways to do this. First, you can log into the webui of the QNAP and manually update the firmware or you can use Qfinder. Of the two, Qfinder is preferred.

Manual Update

In this method, we’ll manually update the firmware.

  1. Log into the web admin interface of the QNAP NAS (usually port 8080/tcp) as admin.
  2. Click on System Administration->Firmware Update.
  3. View the version in the Current Firmware Version line and then download a newer, desired version at the QNAP download page.
  4. Extract the ZIP file on your PC.
  5. In System Administration->Firmware Update, choose the .img file via Choose File and click Update the System.

Qfinder Method

This is the easier method to ensure you have the latest version available. Note, you sometimes have to apply a few firmware updates to get the latest version, so you should run this routine until no more updates are available.

  1. Install Qfinder, which is available at the QNAP website.
  2. Run Qfinder and connect to your QNAP NAS.
  3. Right-click on your NAS in Qfinder and click Update Firmware.
  4. Choose the Automatic Update method.

Keep in mind that the firmware updates are 100M+ files, so this isn’t always a super quick process.


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