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Use DriveImage XML to create an Offline Disk Image

You want to create an exact image of a disk.


Use DriveImage XML on the Ultimate Boot CD 4 Win (UBCD4Win)!


  • You have a PC to boot UBCD4WIN on.
  • You have a IDE/SATA drive you want to back up. (DATA-DRIVE in this KB)
  • You have a USB drive to store your backup image. (BACKUP-DRIVE in this KB)

Here are the actual steps:

  1. Attach an external hard drive to the machine you want to make an image of, either directly via IDE or SATA or via a USB enclosure if you got the drive without a PC.
  2. Insert the UBCD4Win into the CD ROM drive and boot to it.
  3. After the computer boots to the CD chose the first option, “Ultimate Boot CD for Win.”
  4. When the program comes up a window will pop up asking if you want to use networking.  Click on “No” because this option is not necessary for making an image.
  5. On the desktop click on “My Computer” and find the drive letter associated with the BACKUP-DRIVE you attached and double click it to open it up.
  6. Right click anywhere in the window of BACKUP-DRIVE and select “New Folder.”  Create a folder with the name of the format:  “<CLIENT>-<PC-NAME>-<MMDDYY>”, where <CLIENT> is the client name, PC-NAME is the name of the PC if we know it, and <MMDDYY> is the month + day + year.
  7. Now you are ready to create the image.  On the desktop double click on “<CLIENT>-<PC-NAME>-<MMDDYY>” folder.
  8. When the program launches click on Backup.
  9. Select the DATA-DRIVE you want to make an image of which will usually be the C: drive and click next.  [Note: If you are using a USB enclosure for your DATA-DRIVE the drive letter may be different!]
  10. A window will pop-up with the drive you want to backup and click next to continue.
  11. The next window will ask you where to put the image file.  Click on the folder icon in the top right hand side of the window and browse to the attached BACKUP-DRIVE and select the folder you created earlier and then click Next
  12. This will start the creation of the image.  There will be a progress bar at the bottom of the window and when it reaches 100% it is finished.
  13. Click on finish and close the program.

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