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How to use GFI Remote Background to install/update on premises Trend Micro Worry Free AV

You want to upgrade the Trend Micro Worry Free Business AV definitions via GFI Remote Background.


Below is how to use GFI to quickly install Trend via GFI Remote Background

  1. Login to the Trend Micro Console page, the link is usually: Https://Server:4343
  2. Navigate to the Security Settings tab, under Method select AutoPcc Install and click next.
  3. On this next page you will be provided with a link  as seen below. It is typically in this format \Server.domainofscanAutoPcc.exe
    trend 2
  4. Simply login to the Remote Background utility and paste the link into the command prompt.

You will get one of two results, if the program is not already installed you will get the following output:

trend 3

If the program is already installed you will get this output

.trend 4

Give the program about 5 minutes and the  program will be installed.


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