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Use a GPO to Create a URL Icon Using Internet Explorer Only

Need everyone on your domain to access a web page (e.g., a web portal for your company) that only works with Internet Explorer (IE).


Add a GPO that creates a Link to the Web Portal on the desktop that only opens with IE

  1. Log into domain controller (DC) with admin rights
  2. Click “Start” and select “Administrative Tools”
  3. Select “Group Policy Manager”.
  4. Right click on your DC and click “Create a GPO in this domain , and Link it here”
  5. Name your GPO properly and Click “OK”
  6. Right click on your newly created GPO and select edit
  7. Expand Computer “Configuration”, “Preferences”, and “Windows Settings”
  8. Select “Shortcuts”
  9. Right click in the empty space to the left and select “New” and “Shortcut”
  10. For “Action” select “Create”
  11. In the “Name” Field put an appropriate display name for the shortcut
  12. For “Target type” select “File System Object”
  13. For “Location” select “All Users Desktop”
  14. In the “Target Path” text box put C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe or use the browse button to navigate to the location of Internet Explorer.
  15. In the “Arguments” text box put the URL that you need to open with Internet explorer
  16. In the “Icon file path” text box type the file path of the icon or use the browse button to navigate to the location of the icon
  17. Click OK and Close all open windows
  18. To test do a gpupdate and log off the server and back on. You will see the new IE shortcut with named to your specifications. Open it and it will bring you to the URL that you input.

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