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Force uninstall Windows programs using Revo Uninstaller

You want to force uninstall a Windows program that won’t uninstall via Add/Remove Programs.


Use Revo Uninstaller!

  1.  Download Revo Uninstaller.

    Choose the Freeware version!
  2. When the security pop-up appears click “yes” or “run”.
  3. Once downloaded run the revosetup.exe.
  4. Choose your language and click Ok.
  5. Select next.
  6. Agree to the EULA and click Next.
  7. Change the install location if you so desire, then click Install.
  8. Check the box that says “Run Revo Uninstaller 1.95”, and then click Finish.
  9. Make sure that Revo is in the “Uninstaller” mode/menu.
  10. Select the App from the list that you would like to uninstall.
  11. Then Click Uninstall near the Top Center of the program.
  12. A confirmation box will pop-up, click Yes.
  13. Revo will then open its “Uninstall Mode” window. Choose Moderate by default, but if a program is really giving you trouble AND YOU ABSOLUTELY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, you may select Advanced. (I caution against this however, as it can remove more than you bargained for and cause issues!)

  14. Revo will start to scan for leftover files AFTER you have run through the applications BUILT-IN uninstaller.(if the built-in errors, that’s ok, just exit it and let Revo continue).

  16. If the program uninstalled and left no trace your screen will look like this:
  17. However, if the program didn’t uninstall correctly it will look like this:
  18. On the following screen you will notice EITHER Registry Items leftover OR Files and Folders leftover.
  19. Select All and then Click Delete. Click yes on the following prompt:
  20. When the windows is empty as shown below, click next:
  21. Then click Finish:

The program should now be FULLY removed.  Reboot your computer and then verify for yourself.  All offending registry keys, services, and files should be gone.


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