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How do I use Take Control in the MAX Dashboard

Need to use Take Control to remote into you systems from the MAX Dashboard.


Log into the dashboard and select the system that you need to remote log into with Take Control.

Note: You will need to first download and install the Take Control Viewer. For assistance with the install see our blog How to Install Take Control Viewer.

  1. Got to Https://dashboard.systemmonitor.us/login.php

  2. You will come to a the main screen for the dashboard
  3. Select system from the correct tab “Servers” or “Workstations” when you click on the system that you want to access the whole row will highlight in gray.
  4. Now Click on the Take Control button directly beneath the Workstations Tab
  5. You will now connect to the system that you selected this will allow you full control of that system.

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