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Using ADSIedit to increase Exchange Mailbox Storage Limits

If you have ever gotten a call asking that a users mailbox size be increased, one way you can do it is with ADSIedit. This method allows to you to change one mailbox at a time. Sometimes it makes more sense to do it this way instead of the entire site.


You will need to download ADSIedit before you can start this procedure, you can get it here. Once you have the files (you will need both) and have installed them start by:

  1. Adding ADSIEdit to the MMC and bind to the domain using the Configuration well known naming context.
  2. Then navigate to the Services Container, MicrosoftExchange, ExchangeOrgName, AdministrativeGroups, dministrativeGroupName, & click on the Policies folder.
  3. In the right hand side of the ADSIEdit window find the name of the policy you want to modify and right click on it, then select properties.
  4. Scroll through the list of attributes until you see the attribute you want to modify, the attributes in question are:
    mDBStorageQuota: Issue warning at (KB)
    mDBOverQuotaLimit: Prohibit Send at (KB)
    mDBOverHardQuotaLimit: Prohibit Send and Receive at (KB)
  5. Double click the attribute you are going to modify and enter a size limit of your choice, keep in mind that limits are in KB, once you are finished simply close ADSIEdit and you are done.

Now that you are finished you can verify that the change took effect in ADUC by going into the “Exchange General” tab in a users properties screen. Then click on “Storage Limits” and verify the changes you made in step 5 are there.



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