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Using the GFI MAX Dashboard

You would like to view the GFI MAX dashboard to review the status of your monitored devices.


You need to log into the Puryear IT dashboard to view the status.

  1. Log into the Puryear IT dashboard using the username and password supplied to you.
  2. You will find yourself in the Puryear IT dashboard.
  3. Notice that there is a Monitoring and Management section and a Asset Tacking section. You can click either to see the information in that section.
  4. Let’s view the Asset Tracking information by clicking on Asset Tracking.
  5. Note that if you have multiple sites you may want to select only the assets at a specific site.
  6. You can view the different types of assets by clicking Servers, Workstations, or Laptops.
  7. Notice the information available in the Assets screen, including the Site, asset Name, Username, etc.
  8. In the Summary screen, you can drill down to various asset information.


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