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Using Nirsoft’s NirCmd to manage a Windows PC from the command-line

You want to manage features of Windows from the command-line, such as turning on and off your monitor, etc. This may include doing so via Batch files, gathering data, etc.


Use Nirsoft’s NirCmd! NirCmd is a command-line tool that gives you power over Microosft Windows objects that you normally can only get to via the GUI (and sometimes not even then).

Some examples follow.

Place a Monitor into Power-Saving Mode

Here’s an example: You want to set a monitor to power-saving mode to troubleshoot a problem (e.g., it takes too long to come back on per a user, and you want to verify that).

C:> nircmd monitor off

This immediately puts the monitor into power-saving mode.

Copy a File to the Desktop of Multiple Windows PC’s

C:> nircmd.exe multiremote copy “c:tempcomputers.txt” urlshortcut “http://www.nirsoft.net” “~$folder.common_desktop$” “NirSoft”

Here, we created a URL shortcut on the Desktops of all of the computers listed in the file c:tempcomputers.txt.

When paired with other tools such as PSTools, NirCmd’s power is increased even further allowing you to manipulate almost every detail of a remote computer.


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