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Verify Barracuda Cloud Control Backups are Working

You want to verify that the Barracuda Cloud Control Backups are running properly.


This is done using the Cloud Command Console.

  1. Login to your Cloud Command Console by accessing the website: https://backup.barracudanetworks.com/
  2. Once logged in you will see the tabs at the top for Status, Backup, Restore, etc. Highlight over Restore and select Restore Browser
    • 2014-09-22 13_50_36-Status _ Barracuda Backup
  3.  You will now see the restore wizard. On the left hand side you can change the date as needed as well as see every device being backed up. In order to restore individual files or folders you will have to drill down further as shown below. Simply pressing Restore from this point restores the entire servers.
    • 2014-09-22 13_51_10-Restore _ Barracuda Backup
  4. If you click on the Server Name it will begin drilling down to the different levels of backups. Starting with the Machine names themselves it follows: PC Name, Restore Type (File Level, System State, Exchange, etc), C: drive and root drives, etc.
    • 2014-09-22 13_51_28-Restore _ Barracuda Backup
    • 2014-09-22 13_51_41-Restore _ Barracuda Backup
    • 2014-09-22 13_51_54-Restore _ Barracuda Backup
  5. At any point once you have found the files needed select Restore or Download. Restore will download to its original location and replace any and all files. Download will allow you to download them to another location either on the local server or your local machine.

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