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We made the LSU 100! Now what!?


This year we were fortunate [and worked hard enough] for Puryear IT to be honored by the LSU 100! That’s great news. To be on the LSU 100, you have to be one of the fastest growing businesses run or owned by an LSU alumnus. I graduated from LSU with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Business Administrator, both of which have served me well in my past as a developer and sysadmin, and currently as the CEO of an IT firm providing outsourced IT.

LSU is an excellent school and I feel pride in being included in the LSU 100.


But now what? Being included in a list of my peers in the business community is wonderful, but does that mean we can rest on our laurels and continue on the road we’ve chosen? Hardly.

As we’ve grown, we’ve found kinks in our system. And, to no surprise to others running a business, those kinks and gotchas mostly revolve around me, the business owner.

I’ve had many sit downs with fellow business owners, and we all agree that the business owner is the biggest bottleneck in a growing business. I’m a delegator by nature, which has alleviated some of that, but certainly not all of it. If I was a micro-manager, things would be far worse.

How do you manage your company? And, being honest with yourself, are you the biggest problem your company faces? In 2012 I worked very hard–and to some degree of success–on delegating our day-to-day operations of the firm to my wonderful office manager, Amanda, and my lead tech, Bill. This has reaped dividends. And, yet, I am still heavily involved in billing, accounting, customer relations, sales, and keeping much of the show on the road.

Some of this I plan on giving up as we move forward in 2013, including billing and accounting, as that can be delegated so long as my company streamlines the services we offer and always works to keep things simple. But what about sales and customer relations? Well, that’s where I excel—that’s my strength. So instead of delegating those roles, I’ll instead begin to focus more on those areas, and let my staff make up for my weaknesses. (I’ve always said that in my company, I choose to surround myself with people smarter than myself, even if they are smarter in just area.)

What’s your plan for getting out of the way of your company’s growth? Are you the biggest obstacle for growing the business?

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