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What is Your Personal Motto

3978991356_035b616690_mNot, not really. But I do want FAME.

FAME is my personal motto. It’s what I think about every day. Specifically, it’s the acronym I write out every morning when I’m listing out the things that are important for the day. It breaks out into these qualities that I aspire to:

  • F – Fun
  • A – Agile
  • M – Motivated
  • E – Engaged

It’s a little corny to have a motto for your life, I know. But I do it anyway as a reminder. This all started when I realized I was spending so much of my time and energy toward my company’s Three Core Values and culture, but my own personal life didn’t have the same focus and direction.

So, the Three Core Values of Puryear IT are mostly based on emotions:

  • Value #1 – Be passionate about your craft.
  • Value #2 – Be fanatical for your customer.
  • Value #3 – Be smart in your process.

Value#1 lets us all know whether we’re going to be happy doing what we do. If my accounting coordinator doesn’t enjoy the craft of organizing accounting and working the financials, she’ll die a slow spiritual death. This is not a teachable value.

Value#2 is about whether our team goes above and beyond. If one of my consultants goes home at 5pm even though a customer site is down and we have the power to resolve the issue, then they aren’t somebody I want on the team. This also is not a teachable value.

Value#3 is about ordering your day, week, and way of doing things. It’s the least emotional Value we have and, unlike the others, is teachable. (In theory. Not always in practice.)

The Three Core Values are so critical to us. So why not have something like that for my own life? That’s where FAME came in. (After several weeks of working and re-working what I wanted the qualities to be. I started with seven and kept refining until it felt right.)

I’ve found that spelling out each word of FAME every morning as I write down my tasks and projects for the day helps remind me that life isn’t always just about business. It’s about bringing a little humor and levity to those around me and enjoying when they do the same. (Fun)

At the same time, I need to be able to turn on a dime both in my personal sphere as well as Puryear IT. The IT business changes VERY FAST. In fact, the cloud model is slowly but surely killing many of my competitors. Am I nimble enough to adapt Puryear IT to the same market changes? (Agile)

Then there is the important question: Do I want to get out of bed in the morning? Am I in an emotional place where I jump out of bed ready to tackle the day, or do I dread going through a routine and hope and pray that 5pm comes around and I can go hide again. I am fortunate that I’m in a place in life where I feel eager every morning. I have an important “hobby” which is physical fitness, including a very strict regiment of the gym at 6am and a relatively controlled diet. I enjoy doing this because I’m goal-oriented and I have certain goals to reach and am motivated to reach them. Then I go to the company office, write out my plan for the day, run a huddle, and then get to work. I get a kick out of this routine and almost always I’m an excited whirlwind when I get home. (Motivated)

Finally, and most importantly for my work/life balance, is whether or not I am inwardly focused or whether I ENGAGE with the people around me. When I’m at the office, am I the aloof executive with a closed door and barriers to entry? Or do I have an open door policy, speak to my team, make myself available for complaints and issues by them, and promote the overall health of my team and company? In my personal life, do I spend every night on my laptop or do I walk the LSU Lakes with my wife and son? While we all form habits, these are all conscious decisions in the beginning, and the habit I have cultivated is to engage with my family and friends even if my life is a hectic mess on a given day. (Engaged)

FAME is very personal to me. It won’t work for everybody because it’s so tied to how I live my own life. But I do wonder if there isn’t an acronym out there that fits you.

Have your own personal motto? I’d love to hear about it.

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