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Wynne Systems Host on Demand Configuration with RentalMan and Printers

You want to configure or troubleshoot Wynne Systems’ Host on Demand software to use RentalMan and hosted printing.


Wynne Systems’ HOD is a hosted virtual machine service that allows you to run VMs for older software, and it also allows for shared printing through that software.

The requirements for the software to work without conflicts are as follows:

  • You must log in to a print server profile via the HOD website.

    The login used will determine which hosted printer session will start.
    Example: PIT001P1 would be the login for the first location at Puryear IT, and it would be assigned to printer 1.
  • Only one print server for a specific printer must be logged in at a time; the print server for that printer is turned on for everyone after the user logs in, much like a light switch in a room turns the light on for everyone after one person uses it.
  • The printer must be associated with the user’s account. This is done on Wynne Systems’ end.
    Example: PIT001RL is my personal user account that I log into RentalMan with. That account may only be associated with one printer on our system. The specific print server session must be started by logging into that printer’s profile on a single machine on the network, and if that printer is associated with my account then I will be able to print to it from my profile in RentalMan.
  • The printer must be able to print normally in Windows. This means having the correct driver installed, and having the correct port settings and/or the correct IP address (if applicable).
  • The printer that is used in the print server session must be set as the default printer in Windows in order for RentalMan to print via the HOD software.

If problems persist it can be helpful to log out all users and log back in. This ensures that no duplicate printer server sessions are active; this causes print jobs not to process.

If all of these conditions are met the end user should be able to print normally through the software.


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