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You have to update a Service Account password after every Windows Server Reboot

You reboot a computer and when it boots up a service fails to automatically start. When you try to manually start the service, you get an error: “Windows could not start the <SERVICENAME> service on Local Computer. Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure.”

If you retype the password for the service’s Log On tab and start the service, the service starts without any problems; however, if you reboot the computer in the future, you get the same issue and have to retype the password each time it is rebooted.


First, these things should be true:

  1. You are running the service using a Domain Account.
  2. Your default domain policy (or another GPO) has been defined with which Domain Accounts are granted the “Logon as service” right, and, the Domain Account from #1 is not on that list.

Assuming that is correct, here is the fix: You need to create a GPO that fixes this.

  1. Start up Group Policy Management Console on your Domain Controller (Start > Run > “gpmc.msc” (no quotes) > Press Enter.
  2. Locate the Default Domain Policy.
  3. Locate the following policy: Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies/User Rights Assignment > Log on as a service.
  4. Edit the policy, and add the account you wish to always have the “Logon as a service” right.
  5. Reboot the computer to apply the GPO.


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