Top websites to grow business webinar intro

These are a few of the highlights in our webinar Top 10 Low-Cost Tools To Grow Your Business. The main categories of how to grow your business discussed in the webinar were classified as follows:

  • Better Accounting
  • Simplify Your Business
  • Gather & Promote Good Feedback
  • Improve Team’s Skills & Engagement
  • Save Money
  • Work Faster
  • Manage Your Online Reputation
  • Use Marketing $$ Wisely

Here are 10 tools and suggested websites to help you accomplish these business growth goals:

  1. Accounting Coach
    • Take advantage of this free website to ensure that you or your staff’s accounting and bookkeeping skills are refreshed and up to date.
    • The better you are at managing your money now the better you will handle it going forward!
  2. Expensify
    • A low-cost, easy-to-use expense tracking and reporting tool.
    • Reduce the time to prepare expense reports by almost 85%!
  3. Slack
    • This one tool can manage all your group and private communications including chats, messages, and files (free trial and basic plan as well as low-cost plans).
    • Reduce emails and improve collaboration with your team!
  4. Ontraport
    • Use this sales and marketing platform for growing your business (free trial and monthly paid plan options).
    • Consolidate marketing, selling, and organizing tasks into one!
  5. Improvely
    • Track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns (free trial and monthly paid plan options).
    • Great reports showing the path users take to conversion and areas for improvement!
  6. GetFeedback
    • Create and send beautiful, mobile-friendly online surveys (free trial and annual paid plan options).
    • Data is automatically put into graphs – making it easy for you to quickly evaluate the most and least popular responses!
  7. Client Heartbeat
    • A simple feedback tool that surveys your customers, measures satisfaction, and identifies those that are unhappy (free trial and monthly/annual paid plan options).
    • Easy to use short, crisp surveys with a 60% response rate!
  8. Oktopost
    • Track all of your social media accounts in one place (subscription plans - request a demo).
    • Manage, monitor, and measure all of your social media activities to reach your B2B marketing goals!
  9. Hootsuite
    • This platform provides rich social listening tools to make smarter business decisions (free trial and monthly paid plan options).
    • Understand how people feel about your brand with easy filtering and analytics!
  10. Tap My Back
    • A motivational tool using peer-to-peer recognition (free trial and low-cost monthly plan options).
    • One of the key ways to engage millennials at work is by offering frequent praise and encouragement. This app helps celebrate employee successes and boosts recognition!

This and a lot more was covered in our Top 10 Low-Cost Tools To Grow Your Business webinar: