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Puryear IT is founded on the principle of using emerging technologies to guide and improve the business performance of our clients. Both day-to-day, as well as long-term goals, are key factors in our approach to being a premier IT consultancy company in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans Louisiana areas.

Puryear IT's information technology consulting services are focused on aligning the effectiveness of our IT expertise with the overall business objectives and strategy of our clients in the following areas:

Information Systems Planning

  • Our team of professionals helps clients define their critical business needs by identifying the data points and information required to support those needs.
  • We analyze alternative systems strategies to cost-effectively advance company objectives by recommending complementary solutions and developing supporting business cases.
  • Our information systems planning services extend to include post-implementation metrics reviews that include findings and recommendations and documenting resources, costs, and benefits.

IT Project Management

Puryear IT uses formal yet flexible project management methodologies with a special focus on quality assurance.

Our assigned project managers are equipped with the tools and techniques needed to provide clients with reliable quality results on both internal and vendor-performed engagements.

Our project management services include:

  • Work schedule development
  • Cost estimations
  • Project status assessments
  •  Project reviews
  • Ongoing project management support

System Integration

  • Our skilled professionals engage with clients to identify and select package solutions unique to their system integration needs.
  • We work with the client and vendors to design and develop custom external interfaces to satisfy user requirements and to integrate the system into the existing application environment.
  • We also provide user training, conversion, and implementation.


Here’s how working with Puryear IT will benefit you:

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