Improving Cybersecurity Awareness of Employees is Essential

Cybersecurity is defined as freedom from, or resilience against, potential harm or other unwanted coercive change caused by hostile forces as it is applied to the information technology industry.

As the workforce has predominantly shifted to working remotely and conducting business online, this has paved the way in providing more opportunities for cybercriminals to engage in fraudulent activities.

With the precedence of cloud migration in today’s digital world, cloud security threats are on the rise due to storage misconfigurations, data inconsistencies, and inadequate access control measures.

Network security for the remote worker can be missing the extra layer of security protection that usually exists in a physical business infrastructure. Cyber threats in the form of improperly secured VPN connections and servers have led to significant vulnerabilities in regard to company-sensitive information.

With more employees using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets as a primary form of business computing, cybercriminals have also exploited this trend. This has contributed to an increase in malicious software (malware) attacks usually triggered by an infected text message or download.

Cybersecurity Training Courses Options

Unfortunately, as technology continues to evolve, so do cybersecurity threats. Every individual within an organization from the CEO down needs to be knowledgeable about cybersecurity principles and how to monitor, prevent and respond to them effectively.

Puryear IT’s cybersecurity training program begins with a course for end-users that focuses on security compliance needs and requirements, how to avoid falling for phishing and other social engineering threats, how to avoid being a victim of viruses, ransomware, and other malware attacks as well as how to ensure data security on computers, mobile devices, networks, the internet, and in the cloud.

We also offer classes for technical professionals that focus on security and risk management principles, data security controls, security architecture models, network protocol security, access management, security assessment and testing, security operations concepts, and software security effectiveness.

Puryear IT can accommodate individual employee sessions or teach a class for your entire team depending on your needs.

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