Microsoft Office ClassesThe Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 suite of productivity applications provides the essential tools for employees to communicate, plan effectively, process data, share knowledge, and reduce valuable time spent on administrative tasks while gaining efficiency and collaboration techniques, all while gaining the skills necessary to be successful in today’s workplace.

Our courses are taught using the Microsoft Office 2021/Microsoft 365 desktop or online versions which are compatible with Microsoft Office 2019 and 2016.

Learn Microsoft Excel

Become a master in spreadsheet design utilizing the calculation and computation capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Learn to have fun with formulas in our essentials course and using functions such as VLOOKUP, how to transform data with pivot tables and automate activities with macros and VBA in our intermediate and advanced courses. View our Excel class list. 

Learn Microsoft Outlook

Workplace productivity today involves email communications, calendar events and meetings, managing contacts, as well as creating tasks – all of which encompass the contact management capabilities of Microsoft Outlook. Learn the ins and outs of email and calendar appointments in our fundamentals course and how to set up rules and Quick Steps to automate message management in our advanced course. View our Outlook class list. 

Learn Microsoft PowerPoint

Discover how to say it with slides to get your point across by designing captivating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint with the use of its unique slide layouts, animations and sound effects. You will learn the fundamental features, slide layouts and graphical elements in our essentials course and how to create transitions, work with media content and custom animations in our advanced course. View our PowerPoint class list. 

Learn Microsoft Word

The powerful Microsoft Word editor lets you easily create, edit, view, and share your files with its multitude of fonts, paragraph layouts and styles. In our essentials course you will learn how to format text and create tables, how to customize formats using styles and themes and the mail merge process in our intermediate course, and how to use document reference tools and macros in our advanced course. View our Word class list. 

Learn About Collaboration and Communication

Microsoft Teams is the premiere collaboration platform that unifies team members with its chat, call, video, and meeting capabilities. In our Teams course you will learn how to communicate using chat and create posts, use the call and meeting features, share files, and create channels and custom tabs. View our Teams class.

Seamlessly collaborate in a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information by using Microsoft SharePoint. In our site user course you will learn how to navigate and work with document content and lists as well as synchronize files with OneDrive. In our site owner course you will learn how to create and configure document libraries, assign permissions and implement workflows with Microsoft Forms and Flow. View our SharePoint class list.

Microsoft Skype is a telecommunications application that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, and mobile devices. In our Skype for Business course you will learn to use instant messaging and how to conduct online meetings. View our Skype class.

Learn About Database, Diagram and Project Planning

When you design a database with Microsoft Access you can manage data records more efficiently with tables and forms as well as analyze large amounts of information with queries and reports. You will learn to create a simple database beginning with tables, forms and queries in our essentials course, how to create lookups in tables, query joins and reports in our intermediate course, and create action queries, and use macros and VBA to extend database capabilities in our advanced course. View our Access class list. 

Microsoft Visio is an innovative solution that helps you visualize and diagram data-connected processes utilizing its connectors, flowcharts, timelines, and templates. In our fundamental course you will create an organization chart, design a floor plan, and build a cross-functional flowchart and network diagram, then expand on these skills using 3D shapes, stencils, and macros in our advanced course. View our Visio class list.

Microsoft Project is a powerful ally in project management with its ability to create work-breakdown schedules, Gantt charts, manage resource pools and keep track of time. In our fundamental course you will create a project plan defining tasks, relationships and resources, and work with baselines, custom views and reports in our advanced course. View our Project class list. 

Learn About Notebooks and Publications

Gather your thoughts and ideas and get organized using Microsoft OneNote notebooks where you can annotate, arrange content into colorful sections and pages, even integrate Outlook meeting details. In our OneNote course you will learn to add text, images, audio, links, and drawing objects to a notebook, categorize, organize, and search notebook content as well as use Outlook and OneDrive to send and share notebooks. View our OneNote class list.

Microsoft Publisher shines in its ability to bring together text and images to make professional brochures, flyers, handouts, newsletters, and much more. In our Publisher course you will arrange content, format text, apply building blocks and schemes, insert special characters and work with graphic layouts in a publication. View our Publisher class list.

Why Employees Need Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 Training

By investing your time now in Puryear IT’s Microsoft Office/365 training courses you will be rewarded with the power of knowledge for your future, not only to the benefit of personal achievement but what it also brings to enhance your career, colleague interactions, and value to your employer.

Our Microsoft Office/365 courses are presented by live certified instructors with actual practice files and scenarios whose tasks when performed with the step-by-step activities lead you to accomplish your learning goals and objectives.

Puryear IT can accommodate individual training sessions or provide training for your entire team.  We offer in-person training in the greater Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana areas as well as live online instructor-led virtual training. Our courses can be presented in half-day or full-day sessions to meet your business needs and employees' schedules.

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