Ensuring that each team member has the knowledge and skills needed to be
a true asset to your company is quite often easier said than done.

Crafting Courses To Meet Your Needs

We know that there is a basic set of skills that are universally useful to employees regardless of the work they do. Once those basics have been covered, however, employee education is far from over. In the past, Puryear IT has worked with clients to develop Custom Courses that include topics such as:

  • Day to Day HIPAA Compliance

  • Sales Execution Management

  • How To Handle Irate Customers

  • Quick Guide to Using Your Software

Industry standards tend to influence the kinds of courses a company will find useful. And if our existing Custom Courses options don’t meet your needs? We’re happy to research and create a new course for you. In fact, some of our most successful and most requested Custom Courses have been focused on the clients themselves.

Contact Puryear IT at (225) 706-8414 to learn more about Custom Courses.

A great example of this is an Orientation Course. Clients provide us with details such as corporate policies, company history and culture, emergency procedures, health and safety data, and other useful information about the inner workings of the company. New hires can then complete your custom Orientation Course to quickly get up to speed on how their new workplace operates, what your expectations of them are, and how they can best go about completing their daily tasks.

If your employees will be working in a laboratory or warehouse setting where health and safety is a major component of what they need to be trained on, that can be a separate course all on its own.

Many companies use proprietary software or a very specific configuration of programs and applications that don’t have pre-existing training material available. Through our Custom Courses offering, we can create that material for you and make it part of your employee training practices.

No two companies are exactly alike, so why should your employee training be cookie cutter and generic? You know exactly what your employees need to know to be successful, and Puryear IT is here to help ensure that you’re able to get that information across to them as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Learn more about how our Custom Courses can benefit your team by getting in touch with us at (225) 706-8414.

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