Cloud computing is important to the future of your business

Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services – from servers and software to storage and processing power – over the internet ("the cloud") and provides a business faster innovation, analytics, and intelligence.

Cloud computing has been adopted into the mainstream faster than any other technology in the IT domain. This adoption is powered by the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices by employees requiring cloud access to be able to work from any location. Cloud computing offers organizations accessible resources through various subscription models helping to manage spikes in demand without the need to permanently invest in computer hardware. Cloud computing enables software programs to run without installing them on local computers, it enables the access of multimedia content via the internet, it also enables the development and testing of programs without necessarily having servers, and much more.

A smart business invests in cloud computing services.


A business can quickly adjust the amount of computing resources it needs, while paying only for what it uses.

Opportunities for growth

Cloud computing gives a business enhanced capabilities to achieve maximum success that would normally be out of reach.

IT optimization

With an optimized cloud environment, a company is more efficient and resilient in its customer-facing value.


Cloud computing addresses customer demands in managing vastly increased needs for remote network access.

Trust Puryear IT to manage your cloud computing needs

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