We offer unique support for all things Linux

Most consumers are dependent upon Linux to run their important IT systems. Just like IOS, Windows, or MAC OS, Linux is an operating system. An operating system is software that manages the communication between the computer’s hardware and software applications. Software cannot function without an operating system. The Linux operating system is found in several devices — from smartphones to cars, supercomputers to home appliances, and home desktops to enterprise servers.

Linux systems often perform important functions for your business. They also require specialist skills to get the best out of them. Often organizations have strong Windows skills but don't want to hire or train dedicated Linux support staff. This is where our Linux support can help.

Why do businesses prefer the Linux operating system?  Is the software you are using working perfectly fine or are you dealing with obstacles like viruses, malware, or software crashing?  Linux has evolved into one of the most reliable computer platforms in the world. When you combine that reliability with zero cost of entry, you have the perfect solution for a desktop platform. If zero cost is not enough to convince you, then look at its features. Linux is software that will work trouble free and smoothly as long as you need it.

The Linux operating system comprises many different components:

Boot loader

Kernel init system


Graphical server

Desktop environment


Puryear IT is a team of experts in Linux systems.  If you are choosing us, then you are also choosing:

Remote Monitoring & Support

Linux remote support can provide many levels of support not usually offered in the industry. Combined with Linux remote monitoring this can allow you to focus on your business and not routine break-fix maintenance issues.

Performance Optimization

Linux performance optimization means our Linux experts understand how Linux systems should be configured for different applications. We can make changes to kernel parameters and file systems to deliver the best performance.

System Administration

Linux system administration provides your organization with our capabilities to manage your Linux systems from our operations center. Linux software upgrades, patches, and security issues are managed to free your staff of the tactical issues that keep them from focusing on more strategic plans.

When you want quality Linux service you can trust, come to Puryear IT today so we can help you with our expertise and management.