Presentation: "Identity Management and Access Control." October 5, 2010
Dustin Puryear will speak to the CIO's of Louisiana state agencies at the Louisiana CISD conference in October. If you're an employee or vendor of the state, we look forward to seeing you there.

Presentation: "Identity Management and Access Control." September 15, 2010
Dustin Puryear will speak to the Fort Worth Texas ISACA chapter on Identity Management and Access Control. ISACA is an IT auditors organization, where both Identity Management and Access Control play a critical piece.

Presentation: "Identity Management and Access Control." July 23, 2010
Dustin Puryear will speak to the Baton Rouge ISACA chapter on Identity Management and Access Control. ISACA is an IT auditors organization, where both Identity Management and Access Control play a critical piece.

Presentation: "Identity Management and Access Control." July 19-20, 2010
Dustin Puryear will speak at the Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference (TRISC) on Identity Management and Access Control.

Presentation: "Identity Management and Access Control." April 20, 2010
Dustin Puryear will speak to the Birmingham ISACA chapter on Identity Management and Access Control (PowerPoint available). ISACA is an IT auditors organization, where both Identity Management and Access Control play a critical piece.

Presentation: "Identity Management and Access Control." April 8, 2010
Dustin Puryear will speak to the New Orleans ISACA chapter on Identity Management and Access Control. ISACA is an IT auditors organization, where both Identity Management and Access Control play a critical piece.

Presentation: "Open Source, Linux, and You." Oct 5, 2009
Dustin Puryear will speak at the LSU AITP in October on Open Source and Open Source technologies, and how they apply at the technical and business levels within an organization.

Puryear, Dustin. "Integrate Active Directory and OpenLDAP." Windows IT Pro, May 2008
OpenLDAP.s proxy service can allow LDAP operations to cross the boundaries between AD and OpenLDAP deployments. To demonstrate this proxy service, we walk through the steps to make AD's cn=Users container, which by default contains all user objects, part of an OpenLDAP directory.

Presentation: "Identity Management and Access Control." August 20, 2008
Dustin Puryear will speak to the Baton Rouge ISACA chapter on Identity Management and Access Control. ISACA is an IT auditors organization, where both Identity Management and Access Control play a critical piece.

Puryear, Dustin. "ITIL: Microsoft and Open Source." Microsoft, Oct 2007
Learn about the similarities and differences between Microsoft and open source products which can assist in the implementation of essential activities of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework for building sustainable IT Infrastructure.

Federal News Radio interview of Dustin Puryear, Oct 12, 2007
Federal News Radio 1050 AM in Washingon, DC interviewed Dustin Puryear about his insights into the top five IT projects based on his recent article in

Puryear, Dustin. "Five IT Projects That Need Your Attention Right Now.", Oct 2007
You have only so much funding and time, so don't waste either of them. These projects can make you a hero or at least can save you from one of those terrible "learning experiences."

Puryear, Dustin. "ACLs on Samba.", May 2007
The high return for the effort of configuring Samba for ACL support is the subject of of Dustin Puryear's latest TechX World article.

Puryear, Dustin. "Apache vs. IIS.", Feb 2007
Puryear reviews the current state of the Apache and IIS debate, with highlights on technical similarities and differences between the two HTTP servers.

Puryear, Dustin. TechX World Interoperability Road-show. November 2006
Dustin Puryear was one of the experts speaking during the TechX World road-show (sponsored by Microsoft) on interoperability. The road-show landed in DC, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco, and included discussions on Linux and Open Source tools (e.g., Samba,pam_ldap) and using Microsoft tools (e.g., IdMU, MSNFS, SUA). An online event covering these presentations will occur December 14, 2006. Be sure to sign-up.

Puryear, Dustin. "Linux Software-Installation Basics." Windows IT Pro, July 2006
In this article, Dustin Puryear considers an important part of administering Linux: application-installation management (i.e., how to install, remove, and clean up Linux software). He discusses installing by source, installing by using a package manager, and binaryonly installation, including the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Puryear, Dustin, "Spam Fighting and Email Security for the 21'st Century." IronPort March 2006
"Spam Fighting and Email Security for the 21st Century" discusses how best to address email security in medium-sized enterprises (i.e., companies with more than 100 employees). Topics include attacks against mail systems and severs, end users, and email messages; and appliance-based, software-based, and managed service solutions. By the end of the eBook, you'll better understand the real threat posed by email-borne attacks and will know how to address those attacks in a way that reduces risk while ensuring users aren't affected

Puryear, Dustin, "Consulting for Fun and Profit." USENIX ;login November 2005
Written for SAGE, the Systems Administrators Guild, this article describes how to build an effective technology consulting firm that benefits your clients and the industry.

Puryear, Dustin, "Security Management in a Multi-Platform World." BindView March 2005
If you're involved in data and systems security, you have a lot of bases to cover, from compliance monitoring and vulnerability management to identity administration and configuration management. The conundrum is how to make your systems more available to their customers, suppliers, and business partners while making them unavailable to hackers and troublemakers. This paper presents an approach designed to both simplify and speed the risk management process without compromising it.

Puryear, Dustin, "A Linux Primer for Windows Administrators." Windows IT Professional November 2004
Windows and Linux may be rivals in the marketplace, but in the data center they're more likely to coexist as complementary platforms. If you haven't yet encountered Linux in your career as a Windows administrator, you need to prepare for that eventuality by acquiring a basic understanding of Linux administration. This article jump-starts your Linux learning by explaining essential concepts of Linux user administration, file systems, networking, and software management.

Puryear, Dustin, "White Paper - High Availability for Windows Services." Neverfail Group
In today's world, Windows plays a crucial role in business e-infrastructure. Everywhere from the stock exchanges to hospitals to military organizations, Windows servers run mission-critical applications. Because these servers--and the applications that they provide--are essential, it is vital that companies maintain a robust, reliable, and fully redundant Windows server infrastructure. My white paper for Neverfail, "High Availability for Windows Services," introduces readers to Windows high availability. It's yours to download at Neverfail's website.

Puryear, Dustin, "Powering Databases with MySQL." Windows & .NET Magazine April 2004
Good news for Windows users: the Windows version of the comprehensive MySQL database is now just as powerful and reliable as the version long available for Linux and UNIX users. And it's just as free.

Puryear, Dustin. "Integrating Linux and Windows." TechSouth 2004
Dustin Puryear presented a very well-attended and recieved presentation at the TechSouth 2004 Conference this year in Lafeyette, LA. The presentation, "Integrating Windows and Linux", discussed the fundamental problems in integrating Linux, UNIX, and Windows networks, and discussed solutions to those problems. Topics included user authentication, file and print sharing, and offering easy access to powerful Linux services to Windows users.

Puryear, Dustin. "Linux Kernel Tuning Using System Control." SysAdmin Magazine November 2003
Some of the most notable performance improvements for Linux can be accomplished via system control (sysctl) in /proc/sys. Puryear covers several areas of sysctl that can result in large performance improvements.

Puryear, Dustin. "LVS: Load Balancing and High Availability for Free." USENIX LISA 2003
This tutorial educated network administrators who need to ensure high performance and availability of services such as Apache, MySQL, DB2, and even Windows Terminal Services and who want to be able to tweak and tune a solution that is open source, stable, and flexible. Participants left this tutorial with a general understanding of load-balancing and high availability services and how to implement those services using the open source Linux Virtual Server.

Puryear, Dustin. USENIX Annual Technical Conference, 2003., July 2003
USENIX's annual technical conference took place July in Texas. Dustin Puryear was on the scene. What's surprising? Microsoft's presence, meeting the needs of Unix administrators.

Puryear, Dustin. "Stress Testing Jabber with the Jabber Test Suite." SysAdmin Magazine June 2003.
Dustin Puryear writes abo ut the Jabber Test Suite, a set of tools that he wrote to test the scalabiity and reliability of Jabber-based services.

Puryear, Dustin. "Apache 2.0 on Win2k." Windows & .NET Magazine Apr 2003: 39-43
Learn how to run Apache 2.0 on the Win2k Server platform in Dustin Puryear's article appearing in Windows & .NET Magazine. The article, titled .Apache 2.0 on Win2k., walks administrators through the ins and outs of Apache 2.0 on Microsoft's server systems.

Puryear, Dustin. "Building an Address Book with OpenLDAP"., March 2003
Article describing the use of the OpenLDAP LDAP server for publishing a company-wide address book accessible from LDAP-aware clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Mail, and Ximian Evolution. By the end of the article readers will have a grasp on LDAP fundamentals and practice uses of the technology.

Puryear, Dustin. "Samba Pushes the Boundaries Again"., December 2002
Technical article describing new features of Samba; article appears on both the O'Reilly Network and in O'Reilly's marketing material for their book "Using Samba."

Puryear, Dustin. "UNIX, Linux and Windows: Managing the Unruly Trinity." Windows and .NET Magazine and NetIQ Web Seminar, October 2002
Presentation delivered to network managers of heterogeneous environments; presented best methods to manage UNIX, Linux and Window collectively; emphasized user management, performance monitoring and fault detection.

Puryear, Dustin. "Samba: Good Just Keeps Getting Better." O'Reilly Open Source Conference Jul 2002
Presentation at OSCON02 covering new and improved features of Samba 2.2 and Samba 3.0. The presentation details can be viewed at the OSCON02 site.

Puryear, Dustin. "Centralized Authentication for Windows & Linux." Windows & .NET Magazine Jul 2002: 39-43
Centralized authentication lets Windows and Linux users have one ID to access multiple systems.

Puryear, Dustin. "Learning Samba to Serve Files." Windows 2000 Magazine April 2001: 93-97
Partnering a Linux server with Windows 2000 networks and clients.

Puryear, Dustin. "Integrate Linux Solutions into Your Windows Network." California: Prima Tech, 2000
Learn how to deploy the Linux operating system in conjunction with open source tools to provide an organization with high performance network applications that work in tandem with an existing Windows infrastructure.

Puryear, Dustin. "Frame Relay.. January 2000
Details how frame relay works, requirements for its use, and deployment characteristics.