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Office 365 OneNote was featured recently in a presentation for our Baton Rouge IT support healthcare customers, Using Office 365 OneNote to Document Patient Visits.

OneNote plays a significant role in Microsoft’s global mission of empowering every person on the planet to achieve more – all with the touch of a pen or microphone!

OneNote creates notebook files to organize and collaborate on digital content.  OneNote is accessed through a web browser or mobile app and integrates with Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams.  OneNote offers a highly creative and visual way to organize a notebook file with the following components:

  • Sections—When you create a notebook file, by default you are prompted to add a section and are given an untitled page that corresponds with it.  Sections organize the notebook as color-coded tabs and contain pages, which is where your notes are actually created.
  • Pages—The page feature comprises most of the OneNote interface.  When you begin a new page, you will be prompted to enter a page heading.  The app provides a date and time stamp subheading.  Pages can contain the following elements:
    • Tables
    • File attachments
    • Images
    • Web links
    • Symbols, emojis, and stickers
    • Meeting notes from Outlook
    • Text boxes (clicking anywhere initiates one)
  • Subpages—You can achieve an outline effect within your notebook pages by creating subpages (of which you can then use promote and demote commands).
  • Record Notes— The Dictate command creates speech-to-text content (all you need is a microphone and reliable internet connection).  As you begin speaking, a text box is created on the page of your dictated notes (which can also include common punctuation commands).
  • Drag-and-Drop—One of the most versatile features of OneNote is the capability to use drag-and-drop actions to reorganize and rearrange your sections and pages.

The cornerstone of Office 365 is sharing and collaboration, either with colleagues or other apps within the Office suite.  OneNote notebooks can be shared for the benefits of brainstorming and co-authoring edits as well as added to a Teams channel to take advantage of its conversation and meeting tools.

This and a lot more was covered in our Using Office 365 OneNote to Document Patient Visits webinar.