This weekly series of top tech terms for entrepreneurs will explain many of the common terms bandied about – plus, we will do it in a way you can understand and be in the know. Here is the final list of top tech terms for entrepreneurs keeping you in the know as we complete this weekly series:


A sandbox brings to mind playing with others on a playground, but in the digital sense, it's more like ostracizing someone. Sandboxing is a security practice where you have an isolated testing environment away from your normal production environment. This could be the instance of running new code on a testing server instead of your production server that clients see.

Version Control

Version control is tracking different drafts and versions of a document. This process helps keep colleagues that are collaborating on the same files in check and from overwriting someone else's progress in a file.  It also provides an audit trail of revisions that lead up to the final version.


VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, turns voice conversations into data packets sent between two networked points. If you've been on Skype, you've experienced VoIP.

With VoIP, you use a broadband Internet connection to make and receive calls. VoIP users avoid long-distance or extra-minute charges by bypassing traditional or mobile phones. Because it's digital, VoIP often has many added features and allows you to get more data analytics.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN securely connects your device to another network, such as your workplace's network, allowing you to use its resources as if you were actually there.  Or you could connect to a third-party VPN provider to browse anonymously online or get around geoblocks, making it appear you are connecting to the internet from another country.

White Hat Hacking

You know what hacking is, but what you may not know is that it's not always unethical. In white hat hacking, ethical hackers use their skills to find vulnerabilities. This helps businesses check for ways bad actors might access their hardware, software, or networks.

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